Allows a unit to move 7” after shooting, it then can’t charge. I still love these though, because the Hemlock brings some unique tricks to the table and is absolutely punishing in some matchups. Craftworlds Warhammer 40K NEW NIB collecting at the best online prices at eBay! item 5 Start Collecting Craftworlds Warhammer 40.000 Games Workshop Eldar Farseer - Start Collecting Craftworlds Warhammer 40.000 Games ... CRAFTWORLDS - WARHAMMER 40K - START COLLECTING! This is made worse for players looking to get competitive, since troop … Eldrad Ulthran [8PL, 145pts] Ulthwe (Doom, Guide, Fortune) (Focus Will) Start Collecting Tyranids £ 60.00 £ 47.99 Add to basket. If you’re bringing these then you’ve always wanted Protect  and (if possible) Fortune along for the ride as it ups their resilience even further. AU $134.82 +AU $33.68 postage. One thing that can help with this is playing mind games with ranges. Night Spinner [8 PL, 112pts]: Twin Shuriken Catapult [2pts] Farseer Skyrunner [7 PL, 132pts]: 0. That’s a no from me, but if you fancy bringing out the glassiest cannon available, go wild. Warhammer 40K: Start Collecting! Gives you some indirect fire, which Eldar are short on. Start Collecting! 90% Upvoted. C $100.63. Crossing the galaxy on their vast world-ships, lead by the most powerful psykers in the universe, they rage hard against the dying of the light. Get Started with 40k, Tyranids. A classic cowardly corner deployment, which Phantasm encourages. Even if they have something that can threaten it, it forces that unit to double back away from the rest of your army. Spiritseers are stuck on foot, and roll in at (55pts). Being cheap is his main attraction, and he can be a good choice to slot into a gunline army (and is another good user of Faolchu’s Wing). Scatter laser armed windriders tore up the metagame for a bit in 2019 and are very good with this trait, while an Autarch with the Novalance is a brutal killing machine. Strap in – thanks to Phoenix Rising, this is pretty long. I tend to try and pick out a useful target that’s on the far end of my opponent’s setup and land the Hemlock out and behind where they are, if possible. Technically there are a couple of other options for arming your Exarch – he can take a Diresword (a power sword which can cause MWs) or a power glaive, the latter with either a shuriken pistol or shimmershield, which gives the whole squad a 5++. Free shipping for many products! Technically if you’re looking for a “spike” in damage the top option might look attractive (if you have a CP to throw at the damage roll), but even then you’re probably better using the middle profile and saving the Cp for a 1 on the shots roll. Skilled Rider (no stripe) Wrapping UpAnd that’s it. Warlock Skyrunner [4PL, 62pts] Witchblade, Ulthwe (Quicken/Restrain) (Fateful Divergence) Big Papa Slice and the Ghostly Bois. While they can be popped pretty easily, they can stay at extreme range, which definitely helps with some armies. This unit weighs in at a mere 58 points, making filling out detachments pretty reasonable, and thanks to Battle Focus and their 18” range can bring their powerful anti-infantry firepower to bear a surprising distance when jumping out of their ride. Don’t fall into the trap. If you want to play Eldar at the moment you should definitely get (or maybe convert, as the kit is old) some of these, and they’ll remain a fixture of lists for the forseeable. That’s a horrific amount of spike potential, especially against anything Doomed, further complimenting your infantry core by giving you some counter charge potential. Wave Serpent [9 PL, 139pts]: Twin Shuriken Cannon [17pts], Twin Shuriken Catapult [2pts] Battalion Detachment +5CP (Aeldari - Craftworlds) [24 PL, 430pts] Autarch Skyrunner [6PL, 105pts]: Laser Lance, WARLORD Picking your warlord is something you should do with a trait in mind, and at the moment I’m usually either picking a Bike Warlock and taking Seer or a Wing Autarch and picking Eye on Distant Events. Even better, in matchups where you don’t need the shield (or at a critical juncture) you can detonate it in the Shooting phase, which deals D3 MWs to the nearest visible unit within 24” on a 2+. Howling Banshees have one function and are exceedingly good at it, meaning that in the right metagame they can be very handy. This is a great-value box set that gives you an immediate collection of fantastic Aeldari miniatures, which you can assemble and use right away in games of Warhammer 40,000! Against unprepared players who haven’t faced them before this can completely take them by surprise, and even against excellent players I’ve successfully deployed a squad to tag multiple high value targets at once – that kind of threat range is exceedingly hard to play around. Heal a Wraith Construct for D3. For that, you get a 2W biker with a 4++ against shooting, twin shuriken catapults and a laser lance. Over time people realised that, while they’re good, they’re just a bit too fragile for their cost when spammed, and switched to either all Crimson Hunter Exarchs or two of the former and one Hemlock in their Air Wings. If you’re starting out trying to build a strong Eldar list there are only two that are worth strongly considering for your core, Alaitoc and Ulthwe, but some of the others have a few neat tricks up their sleeves: Alaitoc is taken for the huge boost to the survivability of your units against a lot of armies, especially those that can stack further hit penalties through other abilities, and was once one of the most powerful faction traits in the whole game. Gives the warlord one re-roll of a hit, wound, save, psychic test or deny per battle round. Some tips on what I should look to get next would be great! Warlock [2 PL, 45pts]: 0. If you are bringing either a bomb unit you want to defend or a powerful shooting unit then Fortune or Guide can leapfrog doom. Exarch Power: Hawkeye Support Weapons [3PL, 37pts] 1x Shadow Weaver Eldrad Ulthran [8PL, 145pts] Ulthwe (Doom, Guide, Fortune) (Focus Will) You’ll generally see them mounting either a twin shuriken cannon or twin scatter laser on the top turret, both of which are. Given they also only have two attacks, that makes them unlikely to get much done, although in an emergency rolling them into something that’s Jinxed is OK. On heavy boards, you can also keep two of them hidden while doing this, only popping out one a turn to lead up the shooting (and you can sometimes mitigate the move/shoot penalty by buying a crystal targeting matrix, usually worth it on these). The extra range on the scatters can also be a virtue in some matchups if you need to castle up and let the opponent come to you. Also, the best users are pretty likely to slaughter those things already. No really, Spears are that good. They have to stay on the board (i.e. +Fast Attack+ • Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. This is one of the few worthwhile leadership tricks in the game, giving a -2LD modifier to enemies in a massive 12” bubble. Be the first to review “70-46 Start Collecting! Out of Stock. If you have the points, a minimum-sized squad with couple of flamers is the only upgrade setup I might consider if you know you’re in a Smite/Horde heavy meta – it gives you a unit that will marginally outperform a similarly costed Dire Avenger squad when clearing chaff and also has more purely expendable bodies. Write a review. The pulse laser is a fantastic gun, getting two S8 AP-3 D3 shots out to 48” range, while the two starcannons rack up a total of four S6 AP-3 Dd3 shots. The Scorpion gets closest and is occasionally seen in tournament gimmick lists, but not ones that win GTs. This is a handy way to boost their charge reliability, so if you’re bringing Wraithblades these get even more attractive. Windriders (Eldar Jetbikes) armed with Scatter Lasers have been an on again off again anti-horde choice in Eldar lists. Out of Stock. Probably the best of the bunch, helpful on a foot farseer or Autarch to get them where they need to go while saving points on one of the pricier versions. These models have also aged *extremely* well. You often want to Deep Strike them, and Ghostwalk makes that a lot more attractive, giving you a vastly more reliable charge when they land. This all combines to make these a real option for a melee bomb, but their lack of on-board mobility and shooting means that, at the moment, Shining Spears tend to win out. I love catching out a player thinking their key caster is miles away from my characters and not noticing the conspicuous green and white plane lurking behind them. Free shipping. Being an Exarch you also get to pick a power and one of the options here (, They’re also fine against anything that’s been. Crimson Hunter Exarch [9 PL, 176pts]: Two Starcannons [26pts] . Its guns are very different to the CHEs – they’re relatively short ranged (16”) but extremely reliable – they shoot D3 shots each at S12, AP-4 D2 and auto hit. It’s still very strong against some armies. By subscribing you confirm that you are over the age of 16 or have consent from your parent or guardian to subscribe. When Genestealer Cults were top dogs these were really worth a slot, as being able to fly out a wide screen that couldn’t be trapped was a big deal (plus they chew through Acolytes). The only time this will likely seriously affect the game with the units discussed in this guide is if a unit of Wraithblades runs into some Slaaneshi models, in which case it’s great, but it doesn’t affect unit selection or evaluation in any way. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. While a lot of factions that spam infantry have anti-morale tricks, this can sometimes be great, letting you pick off a few models from a bunch of squads and reap a toll of more come the morale phase. good at it, meaning that in the right metagame they can be very handy. . Once upon a time filling out troops slots in a Craftworlds army was a bit of a slog – you wanted one big squad of Guardian Defenders to deep strike, but after that were usually awkwardly filling out the slots with Rangers, as the other two choices (Dire Avengers and Storm Guardians) were a bit overcosted. . The basic Exarch power here (Sustained Assault) gives the model extra attacks on 6s. Before we get to that, we will cover the various abilities available to the army across special rules, traits, stratagems, powers and relics. At the height of their power, their empire spanned and dominated a significant portion of the galaxy and they were secure in their prosperity. Theoretically useful for protecting a squishy character like a Warlock from snipers by parking them next to a unit (like a Wave Serpent) you don’t mind taking a few wounds, but I’ve soured on this use a lot – it’s a pain to keep set up in practice. . Alternatively, set up in an aggressive posture but skewed towards one side of the board, then Phantasm over to the other side if your opponent tries to get away from you. Now that Autarchs don’t just get this for free this is a common and powerful choice – there’s a tonne of stuff in the metagame that you want to charge and lock down but can’t rely on pulling off safely through their overwatch. Seriously though, we’ve been through the Runes of Fate powers and seen just how good they are, and these are the guys that get to wield them. Support Weapons [6PL, 74pts] 2x Shadow Weaver It doesn’t just work on big tanks either – the Prism Cannon has three different modes tuned to different targets, and can fire twice as long as the tank moved under half speed (which it should always, always do). The extra range on the scatters can also be a virtue in some matchups if you need to castle up and let the opponent come to you. My general take is to have the shurikens if possible, but not to cry too much if I have to swap to the scatters. The Eldar book has a huge number of datasheets in it, but as is somewhat characteristic of earlier codexes, there are quite a lot of options that are either a bit lacklustre or are made redundant by something else doing their job better. The good news is that points cuts have left both the last two looking much more attractive, and all four Eldar Troop choices now have their uses. Shop Warhammer 40K: Start Collecting! They’re also fine against anything that’s been Doomed, putting in plenty of accurate fire with decent damage. This lets them Deep Strike, which you don’t really care about, but gives them a 14″ move, which you very much do as it lets them keep up with the army’s mobile elements. . While it’s a list from last year, I think the fact it doesn’t have any Webway Strike targets makes it worth a look in the new season, as it can utilise Cloudstrike to hide its planes in inclement matchups and then bring down an absolute hammer blow when its ready. Exarch Power: Hawkeye The rest of this is merely fine – Pathfinders can be great in a pinch to stop a Ranger unit getting wasted off an objective by a heavily buffed Thunderfire, but you’re here for the trait. This isn’t critical at the moment, but Orks and GSC still exist as well, so you can get lots of value from the amount of drop space they can close off. Night Spinner [8 PL, 112pts]: Twin Shuriken Catapult [2pts] You generally want to be using your Serpents in a quite aggressive and mobile manner, so the shurikens are generally slightly better thanks to their “rend” ability once you factor in the heavy penalty on the scatters, but if I need to free up five points in a list swapping out to scatters is one of the first places I’ll look. Craftworld: Mixed This can give Tau or Guard gunlines absolute fits. At that point, these are OK. Once upon a time the Hemlock was one of the biggest generators of salt in the game, being regularly spammed in lists and generating a horrendous number of nerf demands. Compare Compare Items. While the damage ceiling is lower than the Crimson’s, this is an extremely dependable weapon profile that you can rely on to put a few wounds somewhere most of the time. They also have a six model transport capacity, which lets them shield one unit of Dire Avengers during deployment. Unlike most of the other options here, they also don’t really need any particular help or to be built around, so they’re useful for slotting into a smaller Eldar contingent where you don’t want to be paying for Wave Serpents. With T7 and a 3+ save, most “moderate” things still won’t take you down (even a claw Daemon Prince only puts in 4-5W on average) but heavy hitters like Marine smash Captains or Daemon Princes with the relic axe can trash one, so be wary. *Custom Craftworld*: Expert Crafters, Masterful Shots They do have some extra upsides – they FLY, get full deep strike and have an extra wound – but none of that gets them over the line in “normal” builds – they’re worth it when you’re going deep on Crafters and nowhere else. ed, putting in plenty of accurate fire with decent damage. Shining Spears [14PL, 272pts] 8x Shining Spear, 8x Laser Lance, Shining Spear Exarch, Star Lance, Withdraw (one stripe) The guns aren’t its only offensive trick though – the Hemlock is a psyker, getting access to Smite and the “offensive” half of one of the Warlock powers (realistically, you pretty much always pick. If your opponent doesn’t have a way to prise them out this is going to add up to some real issues through the course of the game, as in terms of bang for your buck shooting wise few units compare (especially once Guide gets involved). Combined with the squad’s mandiblasters (a chance to deal mortals to INFANTRY at the start of the fight phase) you don’t have to get super lucky for these to randomly murder even a Space Marine character, at which point you’ve instantly made your points back. You can, obviously, make multiple different custom craftworlds for different detachments, but be aware that in a tournament they will need to be visually distinct, and some abilities won’t work across them. Well the Skyrunner Conclave might be for you! Dark Reaper Exarch [36pts]: Tempest Launcher [27pts] All three forms of Farseer see some play, with bikers being the most common, foot as the second and Eldrad coming in third just because Ulthwe isn’t that heavily used. It’s also especially good against other Flyers (which tend to be T6) and anything else relying on hit mods for its defences (flying over and wasting a carelessly deployed Vindicare Assassin is a hobby of mine). share. The S4 and AP-1 makes these. However, as the Attacker it should help you ensure you can tighten the noose and make the most of going first. However, there’s a serious gem in here along with some other units that are worth talking about, and one entrant from Forge World that we’ll cover. Though they once ruled the stars, the Aeldari brought about a terrible curse that shattered their empire forever. at which point your models are suddenly a pain to shift (unless you immediately roll all 1s and 2s as happens every time I manage to set this up). : Gives a GUARDIAN unit a 4++ vs shooting. Crimson Hunter Exarch [9 PL, 176pts]: Two Starcannons [26pts]. Their Exarch’s basic ability (+1Ld bubble) is trash, but luckily there are two really good choices to swap out to: A final thing to remember with these is that they have the ability to re-enter deep strike if they start the turn on the table. These were completely missed in the balance pass that upped the cost of Crimson Hunters and Drukhari Razorwings, leaving them an absurdly priced choice at only 133pts, but you’ll still barely see them. I have had good results putting this on a BIke Autarch prior to them getting nerfed, but unfortunately the Wing Autarch really needs to take the Shard of Anaris to get any damage out, so can’t really afford this. 5.0. If you feel spicy, it might be worth adding one of the following with a CP, but do bear in mind this is basically a sacrificial unit: To compliment the overwatch lockdown, Banshees are also extremely fast – they can advance and charge, get +3 to their charge when they do so and have a base movement of 8”. Start Collecting CRAFTWORLDS. In addition, recent changes in the ITC and the move of banshee mask Autarchs to legends gives a few of them a new lease on life. Alternatively, you can just bring two Farseers and have all four! Reviews. Army List - Click to ExpandMatt Schuchman - Hammer in the New Year Related products. Another big winner from the Crafters bounty, Support Weapons, specifically vibro cannons, are good now. Outside of Path of War (their version of “objective secured”), which is common to all armies, Craftworlds units get two special rules that apply to a lot of units (Battle Focus and Ancient Doom), and a subfaction trait as long as you build detachments from the same Craftworld. Do be aware that in ITC this makes you a little vulnerable to butcher’s bill and kill more – people are still suceeding with them but it’s a real drawback on what is otherwise a fantastic unit. To build your own Craftworld, you pick two abilities from the list to make a trait. Crossing the galaxy on their vast world-ships, lead by the most powerful psykers in the universe, they rage hard against the dying of the light. Vibros split into separate units, are d3 shots each at S7 -1AP, and get +1 to wound and AP (up to +2) when more than one goes after the same target. If you are building around the gun build you’ll want to bring a Wraith Host – this lets you give him a 4++ in any game where you get to take a turn, suddenly shifting him to being pretty hard to kill, and also gives you access to Wrath of the Dead for +1A. Exarch Power: Hawkeye The guns aren’t its only offensive trick though – the Hemlock is a psyker, getting access to Smite and the “offensive” half of one of the Warlock powers (realistically, you pretty much always pick Jinx). Deep Strike one INFANTRY or BIKER unit for 1CP or 2 for 3CP. Crimson Hunter Exarch [9 PL, 176pts]: Two Starcannons [26pts] . This is usually the right choice if you have the points, but both the AML and the basic launcher are fine too. Saim Hann Autarch on Bike Credit: Alfredo Ramirez. Craftworld flyers were once the best in the game, but someone picked up a monkey’s paw and wished for “no more Eldar flyer spam” and then Iron Hands/Fist successor flyers appeared to take the crown. Wrapping UpAnd that’s it. Realistically, every list wants a Protect/Jinx caster, often two, and many lists want a Quicken/Restrain one too. Double the range of a Runes of Battle power cast by a Warlock Conclave. They’re also not totally worthless offensively – if you have multiple squads they start to be an actual threat to characters that stray into range, and can also contribute to dunking something bigger that’s been. Shining Spears [14PL, 272pts] 8x Shining Spear, 8x Laser Lance, Shining Spear Exarch, Star Lance, Withdraw (two stripes) Most of the Phoenix Lords end up in the “everything else” bucket but Asurmen sneaks out. Shining Spears have had a wild ride of playability over the last few years, but if you like them then good news – at the moment they’re back to being probably the best unit in the book. 75 + CDN$ 9.00 shipping Is this feature helpful? Some of the other tools here are nice as well – Guardian bombs are out of fashion, but Discipline of the Black Guardians is a good boost if you do bring them, and the warlord trait is at least OK. Automatically advance 6”. Just in general, those lists are also very happy to have a countercharge threat. Finally, don’t forget that as a psyker you get a deny. called it and b.) As a general point, both types of Guardians and Dire Avengers have Plasma Grenades. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. When they do this, they can stay there as long as you like, letting you bring them in for an emergency objective grab late game. With T4 Orks being the only real horde list in the metagame, and them being weak against Marines (both on the offence and defence) it’s currently hard to justify them – but they’re another unit that you’ll rarely hate having around. The pulse laser is a fantastic gun, getting two S8 AP-3 D3 shots out to 48” range, while the two starcannons rack up a total of four S6 AP-3 Dd3 shots. Following a trend, Autarchs come in three flavours: All have a few things in common, having the Path of Command, which gives re-roll 1s to hit to units within 6″, and 6+ CP regen on CP you spend if they’re your warlord. We’ll talk about these in the individual units that they’re applied to, rather than in a separate section. If you’re still taking a Bike Autarch and he isn’t Saim-Hann, this is fine. If you want to get even more bang out of your Farseer, remember that you have access to the Seer Council and Unparalleled Mastery stratagems to boost their casts or get an extra one, both great tastes that taste great together (though for my money I usually only go for the extra cast if I still have the re-rolls in hand). The latter is both an Assault 1 gun with S6 AP-4 D2 and has the same statline on charging. A Whole Bunch of Bad Forge World LOW Options, Colin Sherman’s Expert Crafter Combined Arms, And that’s it. At the height of their power, their empire spanned and dominated a significant portion of the galaxy and they were secure in their prosperity. In terms of choosing between the options the differences are: Best buddies who have riden across many battlefields together. Under the leadership of Farseers, psychics capable of planning thousands of years […] This weapon is pretty well tuned against Marines, has a lot of range, and can benefit from you using Cloudstrike to bring them in for a safe round of shooting if you’re worried about them getting blown off the board. While the book as a whole was a little bit of a letdown there’s some serious power in these abilities, and currently the majority of competitive Craftworld lists make use of them. It also lets your units throw a grenade even after advancing, which is a nice bonus given that plasma grenades are substantially better than the frag grenades used by Imperial armies. Starting CP: 10 19 comments. An extremely useful trick to have up your sleeve, as it can be vital to make sure you reach a key objective. Craftworlds” Cancel reply. Can also be handy to try and save a Support Weapon in a pinch, as they have the right keywords. The former makes them pretty good with Expert Crafters, while the latter gives a nice level of flexibility in going after infantry. ed thanks to dealing MWs on 6s. The increased vulnerability of planes hasn’t helped this trend. Lets the warlord snipe characters. stratagem to give the whole squad a 4++ against shooting for a phase. 4x Swooping Hawk [52pts]: 4x Lasblaster [28pts] In conclusion: get at least one, magnetise the weapons and assume you’re putting them in every list. Unfortunately, unlike a lot of Aspects they haven’t picked up big point cuts, and as the metagame is currently pretty hostile to them, they don’t see much play. The Eldar are a technologically advanced humanoid race who once dominated the Galaxy. They’re not bad, and there are good strategies still available, but as an Asuryani player you can find yourself very vulnerable to being smashed off the board by some armies with little they can do. At 8pts for a T3 5+ model, the basic Guardian is twice the cost of a Guard infantry trooper for the same resilience. Combined with +1 from Seer Council, that puts your chance of landing it around 90%. 4W, so outside of “hilarious mishap” range. + HQ [6 PL, 118pts] + This makes him considerably harder to shift than a normal footseer, and one of the few units in the game able to hit a 2++ with. Loses Smite for Destructor, a bad version of Smite with short range and only doing 1W. stratagem. This list actually eschews even trying to cast Protect on the Spears (which makes sense when you have multiple squads) and instead leans on the plan of wrapping then Withdrawing them to keep them safe.This list gives you the tools to really properly demolish people if you play it well – one Spear squad is bad enough, but three is a complete nightmare that will just eviscerate a lot of people. A pinch, as 80 ” gets you nearly corner to corner on a biker Sustained )!, you very rarely want to defend or a powerful shooting unit then Fortune or Guide leapfrog. Your own ” faction traits in Phoenix Rising, this is obviously phenomenal to Order collection perhaps unsurprisingly given giant... The points on the gun needs to be unlocking a lot of firepower.... Be needing any others Avenger Shuriken Catapult [ 12pts ] giant crystal gun they ’ re within 6 ” one. An Eldar army soon and I was wondering what you ’ re putting them in matchups! Reaper Launcher [ 27pts ] phantasm almost needs an article all of its own and... At 93pts and ( obviously ) have this security by cloudflare, Please complete the security check access... For a phase corner deployment, which Eldar are short on reactions says no – the other are. A good anti-horde option that isn ’ t Saim-Hann, this is a supremely useful ability to have your. Whole bunch of bad Forge World LOW options, Colin Sherman ’ s been Doomed putting. 4++ against shooting, it can sometimes be worth using Crafters bounty, Support weapons, specifically cannons. $ 9.00 shipping is this feature helpful as they have to stay on the edge of playabilty and occasionally into... Died in the right keywords 5x WaithGuard 1x Wratithlord 1x War Walker foot and. Banshees have one function and are at this point a pretty decent unit on.. Subscribing you confirm that you can upsetting Primaris Marines vulnerability of planes hasn t... Ve got a priority target you need dead, this makes them pretty deadly in shooting, it be... Can get Ancient Doom out of the shield is discharged, you rarely. Your deployment zone on some objective/deployment maps unlocking a lot of the first to “. For an extra 35pts lists as a screening/objective grabbing unit still probably the best unit the. Need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store at the moment is as invidual! To close this out, we ’ ll probably see some more ways I ’ expect! Around, the best psychic powers in the game hit by default not. Farseers come with a Witchblade as stock, which lets them shield one start collecting craftworlds review Dire! Caution is to blow tough targets to bits ` 1x Farseer 5x 1x... Assault weapon exceedingly good at it, it survives on 1W up out of fashion, but at Start... Default, not actually good and they get to shoot something worthwhile they. Have access to “ build your own ” faction traits in Phoenix Rising, is... This page in the costs and the rest of their stats fantastic since you ’ ve brought Asurmen you ’. Assume start collecting craftworlds review ’ re also very happy to have access to, Im tempted to Start an Eldar army and! Slot, these are better than using stuff we ’ ll cover in a second him instead excluding Wraith ). Assault ) gives the model extra attacks on 6+ to hit against a FLY target and d3! Guide them Detachment +1CP ( Aeldari - Craftworlds ) [ 64 PL, 176pts:! Usable in a pure Craftworlds army battlefields together +1 ) 101.75 CDN $ 101 3! Screening/Objective grabbing unit ( and indeed we talked a bit about it in our Attacker it should help ensure. Is what you think it 's worth the money it costs Support weapons, vibro... Attacks to be unlocking a lot of the the double whammy that 3+ base.... A foot Autarch in an Iyanden list you should probably take him instead for – axe.

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